Who Knew Online Database Solutions Could Be So “SaaS-y?"

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Oct 2, 2012
3 Min Read

If you overhear someone at your office talking about onboarding a “sass” database solution, they aren’t referring to one with an edgy demeanor and an unmistakable sense of style. While a database solution with those characteristics would certainly be entertaining, your co-worker is actually referring to a SaaS (software as a service) database solution, in which a company would “rent” their database service and access it through online cloud computing.

A SaaS solution can be ideal for the small business that doesn’t want to take on the exorbitant upfront costs of purchasing their own database solution. In addition to the upfront costs, the company would be responsible for maintaining and upgrading the system, which would probably call for having an experienced IT person on hand. Let’s not forget to mention the additional storage costs as well.

With a SaaS solution, a company can “rent” this service for a small monthly fee. Since the database solution would live in a cloud, employees would be able to access it wherever they have an internet connection. Unlike an installed database solution, a SaaS solution can be completely customizable to suit the needs of the business, which eliminates the need to pay for features that will never be utilized. Lastly, the SaaS vendor would be responsible for the product maintenance, ultimately relieving the business of additional headaches.

For any business, small or large, costs might always be an issue. Incorporating a SaaS database solution can be a smart and effective way to get your business in order without having to make a large financial commitment. Running a business is hard enough without having to worry about unnecessary expenses and technical headaches.

Using this logic to influence the decision behind your new database solution will exhibit your own brand of “sass” to go along with your SaaS.

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