What's on your Dashboard, er... Overview?

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May 16, 2006
1 Min Read

I'm talking about your application's front page. What we currently call an Overview page. We've seen some wonderful customizations to these pages to turn them into true application dashboards that include key views, links to specific tasks, and documentation on how to use the app. For our next release, we're making it easier to create and modify these pages and to add your own rich HTML content.

For those of you who've already customized your overview page to make it the centerpeice of your application, I'm curious what you've put on there.  What's the key info you want your end users to see when they arrive at that page? What are the top two or three links you have (or would like to have) front and center?

Also, we're planning to change the name of "Overview" pages within the product to "Dashboards." We think this will better convey their purpose, especially the direction we're headed with them. Although "dashboard" sounds a little more "business-speak" than I'd like, the term seems to have gained some currency.  What do you think?

BTW, this name change will only be visible to application administrators. End-users will continue to just see the page's heading which you can change by clicking on the "Customize this Page" link.

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