What U.S. Region Has the Most D.I.Y. App Creators?

Written By: Alex Hastings
May 23, 2012
1 min read

As you may remember, we released a study surveying more than 900 information workers across the country. The results included interesting insights on the growing generation of D.I.Y. information workers, who are independently deploying technology to address customer and workflow problems.

What may come as a surprise is the region where most D.I.Y. workers are based. While most consider the Silicon Valley or New York as the primary tech hubs of the country, the study revealed that more than one-third (35.5%) of D.I.Y. workers are located in the South. More specifically, the southern states led the pack compared to the other regions, which include the West (24%), Midwest (24%) and Northeast (17.5%).

While cities such as San Francisco are traditionally known for their volume of savvy technology workers, some areas in the South are actually catching up, if not surpassing these leaders. For example, the Austin Chamber of Commerce just announced AustinTechSource, an online talent community designed to attract experienced, out-of-market technology talent. With resources such as this in place, Austin is encouraging their residents to work in the information technology field and bolstering the technology community in their area.

Do these findings come as a surprise to you? If not, what are some of the reasons you think the South has such a large group of D.I.Y. workers? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Written By: Alex Hastings

Alex manages social media for Quickbase. Her goal is to help users connect with the Quickbase community and build a constructive discussion around the product.

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