What tools do we use?

Mar 24, 2006
4 Min Read

We get lots of people asking us what we use to build our products and run our business, so I figured we’d just post it to the blog.


  • For customer support we use QuickBase.
  • For text editing, HTML, programming, and CSS work we use Visual Studio.
  • For computers we use PC Laptops.
  • For managing our sales team and sales opportunities we use QuickBase.
  • For our community forums we use QuickBase and there's a Yahoo Group.
  • For our payment gateway we use some software from an internal Intuit
    team that builds "shared product components".  That's one of the
    advantages of working at a great company like Intuit...they understand
    the value in building out shared/common technologies that all the
    products can leverage and so they provide some wonderful resources to
    help build out our infrastructure.  This lets us focus on what's important to you...using Intuit's Customer Driven Innovation techniques to improve the product.
  • For keeping our Superbowl squares pool organized we use QuickBase.
  • For internal bug tracking we use QuickBase.
  • For instant group communications most people use AIM through Trillian.
  • For our web hosting we use the Intuit data center...yep...Intuit has it's own data center that houses one of the largest ASPs out there.  You may not realize it, but QuickBase, QuickBooksOnline, TurboTax and many other Intuit products and web sites are all housed in the same data centers with the same great people monitoring our servers and keeping things humming along. So...you can feel comfortable that we know how people feel about their data and we take that responsibility quite seriously.
  • For keeping people organized and managing our internal projects we use...yep...you guessed it...QUICKBASE.

As you can see, we "eat our own dog food".  We believe it's important to live and learn using our own product so if there are problems we feel the pain the same way you all do.  Trust me...if QuickBase has any issues at all or our office has network problems, our sales, support and engineering teams comes running in immediately and long before anyone else knows about it. 

If you want copies of any of the QuickBases we use, just let us know by putting in a support case...we're more than willing to share what we use. 

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