We’re Handing You the Keys to the New QuickBase Blog!

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As you may have noticed we’re looking more youthful and feeling very refreshed!

Our goal with the redesign was to bring our appearance up to speed with our ideas and promote greater interaction with our readers. The QuickBase Blog is becoming a go-to source for managers to get expert advice on optimizing team performance as well as the place for QuickBase customers to stay posted on the latest product and company developments.

At The QuickBase Blog, we understand that the wisdom of the crowd can add tremendous value to what we have to say. In other words, we want you to speak up! We’re looking for input from you whether you come to The QuickBase Blog for release updates or tips on how to be a better manager. We want to know about what challenges you face (big or small), what steps have led you to success, and which steps to avoid. We also want to hear more about your experience with QuickBase; what can we do better, what are our home runs?

In this spirit, we will be asking you to voice your opinion on which types of content are most helpful to you via polls in the right-hand margin. This way we can hone in on the topics that matter to you and provide you with a better experience. Help us make this blog the best resource possible for you and your team!

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  • Alex
    As a fan of QuckBase I would most like to see more stories on specific situations where it has been used, success stories, pitfalls and what was learned and what-if scenarios. I once spoke to Intuits’ HR folks at their annual meeting and was impressed with the warmth and candor of all participants and their willingness to learn from each other, btw

    • Thanks for your comment, Kare. The environment at QuickBase is very warm and open, so there’s a lot of collaboration.

      We definitely see the value in sharing use cases, success stories and the like. As you can see in some of the recent QuickBase News posts, we’ve also been working toward sharing more of what goes on inside QuickBase with customers. There will be much more where that came from!


  • I don’t have any suggestions at the moment, but I’ll keep this in mind when I have a new idea