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Welcome to App Home Pages: The Front Door to Your App

Written By: Quickbase
October 29, 2013
3 min read

Whether you’re managing a support queue, tracking furniture deliveries, or monitoring project deliverables, you need an application that has a single view into all the details of your process, and your team members need a single workspace to manage their contributions.

Here at Quickbase, we’ve designed the new app Home pages with that in mind, to make it incredibly easy to create the application that best fits the needs of you and your team. With the new app Home pages, it’s a snap to create highly interactive, data rich dashboards in minutes, to help you keep track of everything, all from one place.

Here are a few ways the new app Home pages can help you easily create an experience that fits the requirements of your team:

1) Adopt with ease through simple drag-and-drop customization

You don’t need a Ph.D in computer science to be able to adopt and deploy the new app Home pages across your organization. The new app Home pages employ an easy to use drag-and-drop paradigm for customization, allowing you to place an unlimited number of widgets wherever you want.

Organize rich, visual, and dynamic information like reports, charts, buttons, and web widgets with ease. You can easily place these widgets where you want them and determine exactly how those widgets should behave. WYSIWYG editing allows you to preview and understand how the app Home page will appear to your end users, so you will know the specific appearance of your home page as you put it together.

2) Visualize your data all from the same place

Are you a data junkie? Do you like to instantly view and compare multiple charts for quick analysis? With the new app Home pages, it’s easy to create a powerful and data rich solution to address your needs. Modify your home page by adding up to nine reports and charts. You can also add up to three reports side-by-side, to help you compare and contrast critical information. Dive deeper into each report by using the full-screen display mode.

If you have employees out and about on a regular basis, no additional work is needed to enable them to get the job done. The flexible layout works on any mobile device without any required additional coding. In a tablet, we’ve made the app Home page appear in a responsive manner to optimize directly to your display.

This will enable you and your team to visualize a high-level summary of all your relevant tasks, data, and information, all from the comfort of your app Home page.

3) Direct the focus of your team to make them more efficient

We believe that the new app Home pages will not only be incredibly easy to adopt across your organization, but it will also make your team more productive by helping them find all the information they need, all in one place. Create role-specific app Home pages for each of your team members to tailor and optimize their experience, whether they are marketing managers or web developers.

Help your end users find all the information they need to get the job done by placing convenient widgets to enhance their workflow. Use the search widget to enable users to find their relevant records, and use web widgets to allow users to interact with other secure web pages without ever having to leave their Quickbase app Home page. These widgets allow you to tailor a home page for each of the roles in your app – to focus your users’ attention on what is most important to them.

These are some of the many solutions that the new app Home pages can provide to make your team more productive. Whether you’re an outside sales manager traveling from client to client or an inspector that needs quick access to your inspection list and compliance rules, the app Home page can be customized to fit anyone’s needs. We are confident that the new app Home pages will make the app experience smoother and more intuitive for you and your team.

Written By: Quickbase
Quickbase is a cloud workspace that helps teams get more done with apps that match their exact processes. Easily customize and build business apps to collaborate on data, automate workflows, and turn insight into action with dashboards and reports.

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