WebEx WebOffice Replacement - Extended Offer from Intuit QuickBase

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Oct 31, 2014
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On November 30, 2014, end-of-life for Cisco WebEx WebOffice comes to fruition. Intuit QuickBase has been working hard for many of the 350,000 WebOffice worldwide users who were originally notified of the End-of-Life (EOL) process for WebEx WebOffice ("WebExOne") and Workspace services in December of 2013. These users have been relying on WebEx WebOffice to run their businesses on the Web and have welcomed Intuit's fast action to make the transition to its more modern and feature-rich cloud-based database platform.

Intuit QuickBase is extending its 25% discount offer for the first year to WebEx WebOffice customers. And as always, support is free.

For all WebEx WebOffice customers who may need to quickly find a replacement database platform for their applications - QuickBase is a cloud workspace for customizable business apps that fit your process exactly. Teams work smarter by collaborating on centralized data, automating tasks and workflows and delivering instant insights through interactive reports.

We welcome WebEx WebOffice users to take advantage of this Special WebEx WebOffice to QuickBase Offer by starting a free 30-day trial today.

"Transitioning from WebEx WebOffice to Intuit QuickBase was extremely easy. I immediately felt at home in QuickBase and understood how it worked. It felt like upgrading from an old, slow car to a new, faster car with that familiar feeling, only with more features and capabilities. Moving to QuickBase from WebOffice was a big, yet simple upgrade. We now run our business on QuickBase and are extremely happy with our decision and experience to date.” - Ian Greig, Group Technical Manager, Run Energy

More than 500,000 users and thousands of companies from small to Fortune 100 have been using QuickBase to solve a wide range of business problems. To date, over 3 million apps have been built in QuickBase. As a customer, you'd be in good company with American Greetings, eBay, Google, Kayak, P&G and more businesses of all sizes running their projects, operations or business on QuickBase.

 Why QuickBase?

  • Custom Tracking: Track all kinds of things to resolution, from projects to people to budgets without writing a single line of code
  • Interactive Reporting: Make an impact with graphical dashboards and interactive reports created with just a few clicks
  • All in one place: Collaborate safely by sharing the right data with the right people, inside or outside your company, from one central place
  • Automated tasks & workflows: Get more done and reduce errors by automating tasks and workflows
  • Documents - Attach different types of documents and share with selected team members
  • Security & compliance - Businesses and consumers across the globe entrust their financial information to Intuit’s state-of-the-art data centers
  • Getting started: Get a head start with one of the hundreds of ready-made business apps built, used and reviewed by your peers
  • Support: Find answers in no time utilizing our remarkable customer care team, live help community, and online help center.

Contact sales directly or start your free trial.



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