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Sep 19, 2008
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It was great talking to folks at the Web 2.0 Expo in New York City. I had some very interesting conversations with many people.

The theme of the booth this time was around Intuit's 'connected services' strategy and direction. More than 4 million small businesses currently use Intuit's small business products and services, By connecting these people to Intuit services and to each other, the we create positive experiences with easy-to-use offerings. We had four examples of connected services at the booth; Intuit Payroll, Intuit Partner Platform, Intuit QuickBooks Live Community, and of course Intuit QuickBase:

Connecting services to software: Intuit Payroll is a great example where we connect an online service (Payroll), to desktop software (QuickBooks), enhancing the value of both the software and the service. The Intuit Partner Platform (also known as the QuickBase Development Platform) is another great example, where we empower third-party developers to create innovative rich Internet applications that integrate with QuickBooks to solve unmet business needs on the web.

Connecting People to People: Intuit QuickBooks Live Community is a way for our users to 'tap into over 4 million business brains', as the sign said. It's a great example of the value of connecting users, allowing them to share information and solve important problems together.

Connecting customers to Online Services: QuickBase is, of course, a great example of Intuit's commitment to Software as a Service, for customers that want to work anytime, anywhere.

We were also excited to have four of our partners from the Intuit Partner Platform at the 'long tail pavilion' of the show: Advantage Integrated Solutions, Box.net, Count Me In llc., and DreamFactory. All four companies were showing their solutions for the Intuit Partner Platform.

Here are some photos I took at the show, to give you a taste of what it was like...:

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