Wanted: Application to communicate & collaborate with lots of people – fast!

Tonight I was reminded again of the versatility of QuickBase.  We all received an e-mail from our CEO giving then company an update on the wildfires in southern California.  We have a number of offices and many people that have been effected by the fires and forced to leave their homes. 

Part of this e-mail update was a link to a QuickBase application that had been set up, within hours, to facilitate communication of employee evacuation orders as well as registration for employees willing to provide temporary housing for their displaced co-workers.  I received the e-mail about 45 mins ago and there is currently housing available for over 65 family members within the area.


In the almost four years I’ve been with QuickBase, I’ve seen customers deploy QuickBase applications with incredible speed and effectiveness during all sorts of natural disasters.  During the Florida hurricanes of two summers ago, I received a call from one customer that needed to track the whereabouts of his entire staff after their office was destroyed.  Working with their president to quickly build and deploy that app was emotional and very cool as his employees started communicating their whereabouts.


Our thoughts are with all the folks in the path of the wildfires! 

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