Using Database ODBC with Quickbase

Written By: Kirk Trachy
October 14, 2009
1 min read

If you know of anyone that has long wanted to integrate Quickbase with SQL Server, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access or Visio, be sure to invite them to attend this webinar entitled “Using ODBC with Quickbase”. Scheduled for 2:00 PM Eastern time Thursday 10/15 we will talk with Claude von Roesgen one of the early co-founders of Quickbase and author of Qunect

This webinar session will show and demo how it is set up and how it works. Like all of the 10 live weekly webinars, they are free and open to questions and answers. Register here.

Written By: Kirk Trachy
Quickbase evangelist, sales engineer and lover of all things possible with Quickbase. Check out Kirk live at one of his daily webinars.

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