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Quickbase named TrustRadius Top Rated in Project Portfolio Management

Written By: Matt Lieberson
May 22, 2023
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Managing projects is only getting more complex. A recent Quickbase survey found that 58% of respondents only have less than 20 hours per week to dedicate to the meaningful work that drives revenue for their key projects. Instead of working on what’s important, people are stuck seeking out information and doing manual tasks like data entry. The best project management tools are the ones that allow your people to stop wasting time seeking data and doing tedious manual work, but instead work on what matters. That is why Quickbase is so honored to receive Top Rated recognition from TrustRadius in Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) for the first time, along with 7 other categories!

“Quickbase has earned a Project Management Top Rated award based directly on feedback from its customers,” said Megan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius. “Reviewers on TrustRadius value Quickbase’s no-code development options, workflow automation capabilities, and flexible integration with enterprise data sources.”

Here is what reviewers on TrustRadius are saying about Quickbase:

“Quickbase turns the box into a dotted line when it comes to implementing ideas …  We have integrated an approval process, have integrated checks and balances to help eliminate human error on both sides and continue to expand our application into new areas where the workflow processes have been stagnant, such as safety reports, tracking training opportunities, and even working on equipment management. Quickbase has been able to grow with our needs in a very scalable and agile manner to minimize the pain points.”

“All the manual labor [is gone] in the morning. When you come to work, you can start working right away… Anything with lots of data that you have to update in a timely manner, and then a lot of people can see it, it's really good.”

“Quickbase offers a customizable and flexible platform that allows us to manage complex projects more effectively. With Quickbase, we can create custom applications and workflows that are tailored to their specific project needs. … One of the key benefits of using Quickbase for managing complex projects is that it allows teams to work collaboratively on a single platform.”

“Quickbase has improved our business processes. … We have built a custom Project Management application related to the process of fabricating, managing, and erecting steel structures. We also use Quickbase for Asset Tracking, and Vendor Risk assessment and qualification.”

“Projects are complex because they usually involve data from multiple sources, roles, and platforms. Quickbase has given us a way to standardize our processes, and improve visibility throughout our organization.”

Matt Lieberson
Written By: Matt Lieberson

Matt Lieberson is a Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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