Creating Email Marketing Campaigns With Quickbase and Advantage CRM+

Written By: Kirk Trachy
October 21, 2009
1 min read

If you have ever want to use Quickbase to create email marketing campaigns and track their effectiveness through to sales close, then join us on Thursday, October 29th at 2:00 PM Eastern time when Scott Wyatt, CEO of Advantage Integrated Solutions, ( will demonstrate and answer questions about their Advantage CRM+ offering.

This Quickbase webinar will show you how Advantage CRM+ works in Quickbase and uses built-in integration with Vertical Response’s, ( email campaign management engine. Advantage Integrated Solutions is a Certified Quickbase Solution Provider offering application development and custom integration services.

You can register at

Written By: Kirk Trachy
Quickbase evangelist, sales engineer and lover of all things possible with Quickbase. Check out Kirk live at one of his daily webinars.

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