Top 12 Career & Leadership Articles of 2012

Greetings faithful readers of The Fast Track. As we wind down the last remaining hours of 2012 and prepare for our New Year’s celebrations, let us share with you your favorite articles of the past twelve months.

The Top 12 Articles of 2012 from The Fast Track

In 2012, we provided you with tips and anecdotes that we hope you’ve utilized to become more productive and propel your careers forward. At times, it has been your own comments that have taught us a thing or two as well, and everyone has benefited from the insight of your peers.

According to  the sheer number of reads, shares and comments, following are your top 12 articles of 2012:

12. Big Picture Thinkers: How to Pay Attention to Detail

If you are a big picture thinker, you are likely excellent at most things strategic and creative, but perhaps you also have a low tolerance for routine tasks and are disorganized. But success in a dynamic working environment often requires both big-picture skills as well as attention to detail.

So what can be done about it? How can this natural tendency to overlook the details be overcome? 

Learn how.

11. 10 Mistakes You’re Making When You Interview Job Candidates

Hiring is one of the most important things managers do, but too often they use interview techniques that won’t help hire the strongest candidates. Here are the top 10 mistakes interviewers make when hiring.

10. How to Communicate a Firing to Your Staff

Letting a staff member go is one of the most difficult things a manager has to do. And once the termination conversation is over, there’s another difficult task ahead: figuring out how to communicate the firing to the rest of your staff.

9. 12 Ways to Make Your Employees Love You

Every manager likes to think that her team adores her, but as the never-ending flood of bad-boss stories makes clear, there are lots of bad bosses out there. What’s more, bad bosses don’t usually realize that they’re bad bosses!

Here are 12 ways that you can become a boss who your staff will truly be glad to work for.

8. 5 Networking Tips You Haven’t Heard

When Alexandra’s friend Ben Casnocha sent her a copy of his new book, The Start-Up of You, she knew that she was going to read something innovative about networking.  After all, Ben wrote it with Reid Hoffman, the cofounder and chairman of LinkedIn, and if anything has changed the game of networking in the twenty-first century, it’s LinkedIn.

She was not disappointed.  Here, please find 5 networking tips from Ben and Reid that you haven’t heard before.

7. 10 Things Your Employees Won’t Tell You But Wish You Knew

Think your employees will tell you what they really think about the workplace? Think again!  While in an ideal world, employees would speak up about difficult or awkward topics, in reality most people won’t raise such issues, for fear of harming their relationship with their employer.

Here are 10 things most employees won’t tell their bosses, but wish that they knew.

6. Avoiding a Goldman Sachs Moment

Did the very public resignation letter from Goldman Sachs Executive Director Greg Smith in the New York Times last March make you wonder about how to pull off your own (hopefully less scathing) resignation when the time comes?

Assuming you’re not planning to enlist a national media outlet in your departure, what do you say when you quit your job? Do you put it in writing or talk with your manager face-to-face? What if you can’t give two weeks notice?  Don’t worry; we have all your questions answered here!

5. 10 Things Your Boss Isn’t Telling You

We all know that part of being a boss is having difficult conversations. But while a perfect boss will never shy away from tackling difficult or awkward topics head-on, the reality is that no boss is perfect – because they’re human. So it’s worth thinking about what kinds of things your boss might be avoiding telling you because they feel awkward or uncomfortable bringing it up. Here are 10 to get you started.

4. 10 Myths Managers Believe and Why They’re Wrong

Managers have a surprisingly large number of deeply held beliefs that are sometimes just plain wrong. Here are 10 of the most common.

3. Are You a Big Picture Thinker or Detail-Oriented?

In this popular article, Eva offered up some tips on the systems and tools you can use to develop your missing skill.

 2. The 10 Most Horrifying Team-Building Exercises

Whether it’s being made to sing on a stage in front of your colleagues to build team spirit, or doing trust falls to improve rapport, most people dread workplace team-building events like little else.  I recently asked readers to tell me about their worst team-building events. Here are the 10 worst events you reported. We particularly found the “bathing with your managers” culturally eye opening.

1. 12 Ways to Make Your Boss Love You

Want to improve your relationship with your boss? Becoming the boss’s favorite isn’t about sucking up or manipulation; it’s about knowing how to work with her effectively, and understanding what a manager wants from you. Here are 12 habits that are guaranteed to lead to a better relationship with your boss.

Wishing you and yours the very best in 2013!

The Fast Track Team


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