Three Ways Online Project Management Can Save Time

Dec 26, 2012
6 Min Read

Have you considered moving your project management processes online? Online project management software can increase key productivity by:

  • Streamlining communications related to project management
  • Making it easy for all involved employees to access project notes—from the office, on the road, or when working remotely
  • Providing the means for real-time updates related to the project

1. Online project management streamlines communications.

“Did you get my email, Ted? What do you mean you didn't get my email?”

“That information is on the spreadsheet. ... Oh, wait, you don't have the latest version?”

“What do you mean I forgot to include the attachment?”

If your online project management software lets you send an email notification to team members whenever records that meet certain criteria are added, modified or deleted, everyone will always be “in the loop.”

Other desirable features include:

  • The ability for users to subscribe to reports, so they will automatically receive a specific report daily, weekly or monthly, as specified.
  • Scheduled reminders to let team members know about due dates, action dates, and important meetings.

Online project management software puts everything in one place (that is, one the Web), so you won't have to deal with lost, forgotten or corrupt attachments, missed voice mails, or any of the other communication breakdowns that often occur during a big project. Best of all, everyone has access to the same information in time for the next meeting.

How much time can that save you during your next project?

2. Online project management makes it easy for all employees to access project information anywhere.

Ever need to reach someone for important project updates, but that team member is on the road—maybe even working on that same project? With online project management tools, accessible from a smartphone, netbook or laptop with Internet access, being on-site doesn't mean being “out of sight.”

Did you know that online project management software can also contribute to your being a “green” office? It's easier to permit employees to telecommute when you know they can be in contact online, receiving all the same information employees in the office have, in real time. No messing with file attachments, walking across the office to share information, or otherwise wasting time.

Studies show that many employees are actually more productive working from home; why not use the technology that can increase productivity wherever your employees are, whether that's at a job site, from home, or the local coffee house?

This is also a huge benefit if you have employees in various offices working together on a project—cut travel costs by keeping everyone connected through online project management tools.

3. Online project management permits real-time updates related to projects.

Projects move quickly—at least, the most successful projects do. When things get accomplished faster, you increase the odds of staying both on time and within budget—after all, time is money.

Real-time updates to your project status keep everyone on the same page. When changes occur, effective online project management tools should send out updates immediately. With access from any smartphone, netbook, or computer with internet access, everyone on the team is always in contact.

You don't want Team A working on a problem that's already been solved by Team B—you want them moving on to the next challenge.

Project management can get cumbersome, with hundreds of documents for multiple departments. Online project management tools let you and your team members search documents by keyword, title, author, or date to put all the information about a project at your fingertips—at the speed of light (or at least, at the speed of a broadband Internet connection).

Online project management software operates as quickly as your business, to help your employees increase their productivity.

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