Customer Survey Results Are In!

Written By: Quickbase
March 30, 2011
2 min read

Over 2,200 of you recently completed our annual customer survey, and we want to express a resounding THANK YOU! We appreciate the time you spent giving us feedback, and the thoughtfulness of your 2,000+ written-in comments. The data we gathered in this survey, which we announced in January, is helping inform decisions throughout the organization. Your input really counts!

Here are a few of the things we learned:

  • You feel strongly that Quickbase helps you be more efficient and productive. When asked to rank all the benefits Quickbase provides, this one came out as the clear winner. We are so happy to hear it! Tell us more about how in the comments section below.
  • Your reviews are mixed on Ease of Use. For those of you who are willing to recommend Quickbase, your most common reason for doing so is the ease of use of the product. For those who aren’t recommenders, it’s because you don’t feel Quickbase is easy to use. Scratching your head? Not to worry – we have plans in the works to make Quickbase easier to use for all.
  • You are happier with us if you have used Support. We love that you are getting the help that you need, and coming out smiling.
  • Your confidence in our reliability is growing. You rely on us for critical business processes. To ensure we are always available, we’ve invested a lot in high availability infrastructure and processes, and we’re glad that it’s positively impacting your confidence in us.
  • You are excited about new ways to use Quickbase. Over 200 of you wrote in suggestions for new product features, and we heard you loud and clear! Our product management team is pouring over those suggestions and working on the best ways to make the most requested ones come to life.
  • You want to stay engaged with us. Over 900 of you agreed that we could follow up with you about your response to the survey. Wow! The generosity with your time and feedback is fantastic. We have several follow-up initiatives planned, so don’t be surprised if you hear from us.

We look forward to keeping you updated on the decisions and actions you have inspired. In the meantime, please send us additional feedback anytime!

Written By: Quickbase
Quickbase is a cloud workspace that helps teams get more done with apps that match their exact processes. Easily customize and build business apps to collaborate on data, automate workflows, and turn insight into action with dashboards and reports.

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