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Aug 8, 2014
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One of the challenges facing organizations today is how to get a team on the same page in rolling out a project, especially if some members are in far-flung locations, working in different time zones and even facing other deadlines at the same time. In the case of developing content for an eLearning system to train partners, global workforces or other third-parties, how does a distributed team collaborate effectively to create the training manuals, videos and other assets that an eLearning system will utilize?

Typically, teams use conference calls, emails and in-person meetings to get projects done, but that isn’t always the most efficient or productive method. Many teams can tell horror stories of it taking weeks to schedule one conference call, or critical information being lost when a team member’s laptop is stolen.

But Intuit QuickBase recently created an app that can improve the results when companies want to train and share knowledge with their teams no matter where they are or how diverse the channels or supply chain may be. It can benefit any organization seeking to gain greater clarity, knowledge and collaboration in an easy-to-understand cloud-based environment.

What we’ve designed is a customized, cloud-based collaboration framework to easily create and manage learning content across your team. This free Learning Content Management App is available in the QuickBase Exchange. By creating and managing all of your learning content in a single cloud-based environment, your entire project team can access project data from anywhere. It not only provides consistent quality, but also serves up faster results, can grow as you need it and delivers better business results.

The Intuit QuickBase Learning Content Management app can benefit your business by:

  • Offering the ability to see the status of every aspect of the project from the home page, including a breakdown by course, task, author and what is still required before completion.
  • Enabling revisions to be tracked on any document, along with comments, to prevent teams from duplicating their efforts or having multiple versions of one document.
  • Storing content that can be visible to everyone or only certain people and allowing input from large and diverse teams, authors and experts.
  • Automatically notifying team members and project managers about new or revised content.
  • Easily customizing the entire app to suit a team’s unique needs, with reports and dashboards personalized for each team member’s role or responsibility.

eLearning is critical for any organization, and key for educating workers in a fast-paced and competitive, global environment. In fact, our team that developed this cloud-based, learning content collaboration app saw firsthand how flexible and easy it is to use.

The need for a Learning Content Management app initially began when a small project team was tasked with creating a training and certification program for its channel partners after learning that it can take up to three months to get third-party developers up to speed on QuickBase.

We gave ourselves 12 months to deliver a cloud-based learning management app that would pull together information from a variety of internal and distributed cross-functional experts to produce content that our partners would find easy to use and implement. But by using QuickBase to create and manage all of our learning content, we completed the project in just four months – and it came in under budget. The QuickBase app itself took just one day to create.

Team members in various time zones and locations were able to work on the project when it was best for them (including one night-owl team member who worked best in the late hours).

In addition, we found that we eliminated inefficiencies since it was clear to see who was working on what, and avoided anyone duplicating efforts since the QuickBase app would provide an alert if two people were trying to work on the same document. Other benefits included the app providing a reminder of impending deadlines and the security of knowing that data was safe in the cloud and not vulnerable to a computer virus or laptop thief.

Using QuickBase to plan content, track document revisions and see the overall project’s progress, the team found it to be intuitive and flexible. We quickly expanded the expertise available because knowledgeable individuals could easily access the information in the cloud and offer their advice. Further, the project moved at a quick pace because inefficiencies around knowledge transfer were eliminated. For example, if a team member was absent anyone could access the information and be quickly brought up to speed on what needed to be done.

With the Intuit QuickBase Learning Content Management app, all of your information is stored in the cloud, helping you avoid missed deadlines, lost data, project delays and miscommunication. Our own experience is proof that such an app can eliminate numerous headaches and deliver faster and better results.

Watch the short demo below and then try the QuickBase Learning Content Management app free for 30 days.

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