The Power of Connection

Written By: Danielle Zimmerman
August 29, 2019
4 min read

“Human beings need three basic things in order to be content—they need to feel competent at what they do, feel authentic in their lives, and feel connected to others.”—Sebastian Junger, “Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging.”

In this hyper-digital age there are constant claims that our connections are inauthentic—we only talk to each other through screens. But maybe those screens provide us with an opportunity we never had before? We now have the ability to connect customers of our product in more meaningful and impactful ways. I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘sure connecting people is important but why does Quickbase care?’

Well, the secret sauce of our product is truly our customers.

Quickbase is a platform that allows any problem-solver to take their everyday processes and make them work for them. These people are special. They are curious, innovative, determined—and want to find solutions to their biggest everyday problems. Getting these people together is pretty magical. That is why we invest in connecting people.

Every business is run by people—we want to tell the stories of those individuals and connect them with each other. I believe people are truly altruistic at their core—they are looking for meaningful ways to make an impact and contribute to something bigger. When we ask our customers what their most valuable resource is in helping them be successful with Quickbase – they point to the community and those connections. That is why we invest in community.

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Investing in Online Connection

This week we launched our brand new Quickbase Community.

The new Quickbase Community site will be a one-stop-shop for people to get the latest Quickbase news, connect and collaborate with other problems solvers just like them, as well as gain confidence as they begin to contribute new ideas and content of their own.

Because there hasn’t really been a software development platform for business people it is critical that we make a space for our customers to talk, help and inspire each other. We are breaking new ground every day and we want to enable powerful connections between our own problem-solvers to make the best business applications available. Through even more informal events such as user groups we are providing an environment to make those connections and then we simply get out of the way and let the magic happen.

In a world where technology is being blamed for causing a lack of “real” human connection, communities bring humans together to connect with and celebrate each other. There is a sense of—hey, if my peer can do it, so can I! We want to enable those ‘aha’ moments with our customers.

We want to be a catalyst for growth, connection, and innovation.

Celebrating Offline Connection

While we are continuing to invest in building online offerings to connect our customers, we see pure magic in bringing all Quickbase builders together in person.

We host Community Summits all over the U.S. each year to bring our problem-solvers together in the same geographic location. They are a free, one-day event to collaborate with and learn from the smartest Quickbase minds in your community. There is free training, an inside look at our product roadmap, product demos and networking—with additional opportunities for one-on-one troubleshooting with a member of the Quickbase CARE Team.

These are smaller and more frequent versions of our major annual user conference Empower. There is no way to replicate the energy, enthusiasm, and pure joy that Empower radiates each and every year—but we are making our best attempt to do just that with our Quickbase Community.

Obsessed with Being Customer-Obsessed

It is my belief that if we obsessively focus on our customers—understanding their wants, needs and challenges—we will not only help our customers make a huge impact on the world, but in the process, we’ll be a successful business that can continue to contribute to the greater good.

The power of our platform is in connecting problem solvers, and we will continue to invest in doing that any and every way we can.

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