The Fast Track Focuses and Redesigns to Improve Reader and User Experience

Jan 11, 2016
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The Fast Track Focuses and Redesigns to Improve Reader and User Experience

Hello. As editor-in-chief of The Fast Track, I am excited to officially welcome you to our newly-redesigned publications — The Fast Track and the new QuickBase Blog! First, let me explain what’s changed and why we believe these changes will better serve you.

Over the past several years, we’ve learned that most of you are line-of-business managers, IT leaders, business operations managers, or process leaders who share many of the same challenges — managing people, processes and projects in the constantly changing digital age. We also serve large numbers of Intuit QuickBase customers — those who rely on the QuickBase rapid application development platform to effect digital transformation in their organizations.

Understanding our readership has given us a tremendous opportunity to focus on serving these audiences better. Part of that effort is to create two separate — but closely related — blogs. Here is how each of them will help us provide you with valuable content:

The Fast Track

Our central resource for advice and tips to make you vastly more effective at managing your teams, your projects and driving operational excellence across your teams and organization, The Fast Track will focus on four key categories:

Digital Transformation: all the resources necessary to implement and manage rapid change, process improvement and sustainable operational excellence while the business outgrows manual methods of producing and tracking its goods and services.

Teams & Project Management: how IT leaders and managers can better lead their people and manage their projects, as well as continue to offer tips to improve team productivity.

Business Innovation: read about the latest strategies companies are employing to increase agility and improve customer experience, whether through cultural, technological, or services as they adapt to market changes.

Rapid Application Development: we’ll introduce you to various ways companies are employing better business and IT alignment, how the democratization of IT is blurring the lines between the two and follow the wave of “citizen development” through its maturity from shadow IT to strategic CIO or IT Leader initiative.

We also heard that you’ve enjoyed our expert interview series with well-known business and process leaders, such as Arianna Huffington, Simon Sinek, Jim Whitehurst, Guy Kawasaki, etc., and our Closer Look series with companies such as General Mills, Kraft, and Mars. So look out for more great interviews from leading experts and your peers in our special Featured Interview area on the homepage.

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The QuickBase Blog

To meet the needs of our rapidly-growing QuickBase customer base, today we are launching The QuickBase Blog. This blog will focus on QuickBase customers through:

• Tips and “how-to” videos and articles to help your team get better at building QuickBase apps
• Case studies and success stories of interesting and successful QuickBase use cases
• Product and feature updates from the QuickBase product team
• Best practices for managing QuickBase apps and users from others like you
• Insights and commentary from QuickBase leaders, partners and third-party experts.

A special thanks to our core Authors who have researched and written for The Fast Track for up to five years while writing their own books, or for Forbes, The New York Times, USA Today, US News & World Report and managing their own consulting businesses. Without their dedication, we wouldn’t have had the resources to improve The Fast Track experience for you.

We look forward to continuing to serve you with valuable “take-away” advice, interviews and opinions that accelerate your success and improve your work/life balance.

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