The Browser Race

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Sep 3, 2008
2 Min Read

Last night I installed Google's new Chrome browser.  Now, there are a lot of interesting opinions ranging from "who needs another browser" to real excitement.  You can try for yourself here.  Personally, I don't need another browser.  The QuickBase team certainly doesn't need another thing to test.  What I do need (and I think we all benefit from) is competition.  Microsoft had stopped doing any significant development on Internet Explorer after Netscape became irrelevant but has jumped back in now that FireFox has gained share and made IE a lot better.  Competition works.  Just one day after Chrome was released FireFox is getting defensive.  TechCrunch just posted this article: Mozilla Fights Back With New Firefox Benchmarks where they claim that the upcoming release of Firefox 3.1 will be much faster than Google's Chrome.  Apparently nobody believes Internet Explorer is in the game at this point although version 8 is on the horizon.

So, back to specifics.  When I run QuickBase with Chrome it is amazingly fast and at least for now, it will be my browser of choice - we'll see what problems I run into.  So, have you tried Chrome?  What browser do you use and why?  What's the fastest?

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