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The Benefits of Service Contract Management Software

Written By: Ray Waldron
November 16, 2023
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While they are vital to every business, handling a large number of vendor service contracts can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task for management teams. Service contracts typically include statements of work, service level agreements (SLAs), payment terms, and other provisions that must be continually monitored and executed over the course of the contract to ensure compliance. As the number of vendors grows, the increasing complexity of service contract management can threaten profitability and productivity.

Service contract management software streamlines processes and tasks to help teams create, negotiate, execute, and report on contracts more efficiently. Superior software automates nearly every aspect of contract management, integrates easily with existing technologies, and provides a central repository for documents. The best contract management software is fully customizable, enabling management teams to continuously improve workflows and adapt tools to enhance productivity.

As a no-code application development platform, Quickbase offers contract management and contract tracking software that provides the flexibility, control, and adaptability management teams require. With Quickbase, team members with little to no coding experience can create and modify service contract management software and other applications to address the workflow gaps and inefficiencies they understand best.

The challenges of service contract management

Creating, executing, and tracking dozens or hundreds of service contracts creates a number of challenges for real estate teams.

  • Organizing documents. Real estate teams often create, share, manage, and track service contracts using a variety of technologies. When team members need to review a document, they may need to search through word processing applications, email platforms, file servers, and other technologies to find it. This makes it difficult to manage multiple versions and to identify the most recent copy.

  • Managing service levels. Tracking and monitoring vendor performance against scopes of work and SLAs is difficult when teams rely on spreadsheets and manual, paper-based processes.

  • Integrating data. When service contract management processes are not digitized and integrated with other technologies, teams must spend a disproportionate amount of time importing, exporting, copying, and pasting data from one platform to another. This process creates workflow inefficiencies and increases potential for error.

  • Analyzing profitability. To monitor and report on profitability, management teams need real-time data on each vendor’s costs and compliance with contract provisions.

Service contract management software from Quickbase?

Quickbase’s Dynamic Workplace Management uses no-code tools to empower any team member to easily create, connect, and customize enterprise applications using drag-and-drop tools in an intuitive visual building environment. With Quickbase, teams can continuously improve service contract management software and other business applications without the cost and delays associated with traditional application development.

Quickbase service contract management software helps your teams easily manage every document in one place, providing fast and easy access to service contracts, real estate contracts, property agreements, leases, customer agreements, and vendor contracts.

With Quickbase contract management software, you can:

  • Increase efficiency. Quickbase automates workflows and streamlines processes to eliminate time-consuming tasks and meaningless admin work. Simple no-code tools enable any team member to build templates and create solutions that simplify intake, creation, review, negotiation, execution, amendment, and contract renewal.

  • Centralize documentation. With every contract and real estate document created and stored in one place, team members will never have to waste time digging through filing cabinets or searching shared drives to find the contracts they need. Quickbase makes it easy to access critical documentation of property details quickly, safely, and securely.

  • Access data and analytics. With Quickbase reporting tools, you can access real-time contract data to protect profitability, minimize risk, and enhance business agility.

  • Integrate systems. Quickbase connects disparate data and integrates existing systems to automate workflows in one centralized location. By integrating easily with existing storage, ERP, CRM, and procurement systems, Quickbase enables team members to continue working with familiar technologies while adding the capabilities of Quickbase service contract management software.

Along with contract management software, Quickbase provides real estate asset management software, commercial real estate software and building management software, helping to solve workflow challenges for every aspect of real estate management.

What is no-code application development?

The no-code tools within Quickbase’s Dynamic Workplace Management platform accelerate development timelines by shielding developers from the complexities of traditional development and deployment processes. Quickbase provides a visual environment where users configure applications by pointing and clicking on options and dragging and dropping components onto a page. A collection of software templates, pre-built elements, ready-made forms, and reusable components empower users with no development experience to nevertheless build sophisticated applications.

There are several ways to create software in Quickbase. When building an app from scratch, developers can use drag-and-drop functionality to create a basic structure, define tables and fields, and establish relationships. Quickbase creates a whole data schema on the backend to construct the application. Users can also build apps from a template, customizing features with guidance from Quickbase at every step. The Quickbase App Exchange provides hundreds of downloadable sample apps and reusable components. Alternately, users can create an app by importing a spreadsheet and have Quickbase convert it into a working application.

Why customers choose Quickbase

Quickbase is the only fully customizable, Dynamic Workplace Management platform that offers no-code development to allow businesses to improve operations and collaboration through real-time insights, automation, and unmatched support. Experienced developers find the Quickbase environment intuitive and easy to use, enabling them to create custom solutions faster. Quickbase’s proven approach and best practices enable citizen developers to create software and automate workflows at scale.

A full set of enablement services helps ensure successful Quickbase deployments. Enablement services help accelerate onboarding and adoption, promote faster innovation, and enable businesses to achieve ROI sooner. Services include a mix of training and onboarding support, governance best practices, technical support, technical consulting, and ongoing customer success management.

In addition to tools for creating customized software, Quickbase offers pre-configured solutions that solve specific needs in a variety of industries. From case management software for legal firms to project tracking software for manufacturing companies, Quickbase solutions can be easily customized to the needs of any organization.


What is service contract management?

Service contract management is the practice of creating, negotiating, executing, and organizing contracts with companies or individuals to provide specific services. Service contract management also includes the monitoring of scopes of work and service level agreements (SLAs) that are stipulated by a service contract.

What are the benefits of service contract management software?

Service contract management software streamlines many tasks related to creating and executing service contracts. By automating many tedious, manual, and error-prone task, service contract management software can increase staff efficiency while eliminating errors and improving accuracy. Superior management software also provides a central repository that makes contracts easier to access and reporting tools that simplify vendor evaluation and contract renewal.

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Written By: Ray Waldron

Ray Waldron is an Associate Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.