Tell us what you want: Webinar topics

Written By: Quickbase
December 14, 2005
1 min read

Since several of you mentioned that you would like to see more Webinars to help with learning best practices, I have a follow-up question as to your top 10 list of topics. You can be group specific, like "Solutions for sales teams", or features specific, like "Best practices for Grid Edit", or even open ended like "Stump the Developer". But, please share your best ideas for Webinars.

Just FYI, we are working with different teams at Intuit to have them lead Webinars and show their applications. I’ve already gotten agreement from our SOX compliance team, Community Giving/Volunteer team, an engineering team (our Web Commerce Group), and a finance team (budget tracking). We are planning our first one in January and hope to do one each month after that. If you want to volunteer to share what you have done in a Webinar, tell me!

Written By: Quickbase
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