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  • Cyber Monday: Only the Beginning of Holiday Shopping on Company…

    Today’s the first day back at work after a long holiday weekend.  It also happens to be Cyber

  • How to Motivate Your Team Members over the Holidays

    Sustaining team motivation during the holiday season is a tall order.  After all, your team members would probably

  • Leadership Lessons from NYC Marathon and Edison Pena

    Yesterday’s New York City Marathon was notable for several reasons. First, with more than 45,000 participants it was the largest marathon to date. And then there were the runners themselves. Gebre Gebremariam, an Ethiopian, became the first man to win in a marathon debut since 1980. Other racers included a double lung transplant patient, Meredith Viera and Al Roker from the Today Show, and, most surprisingly, Chilean miner Edison Pena.

  • How to Avoid Micromanaging

    Micromanaging is defined as insisting on having a say in an employee’s work at every opportunity, and every

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  • What If You Don’t Like Your Team Members?

    Working with someone you don’t like can raise your stress level and impact your productivity, so you’ll want to make sure you find a way to deal with the issue.

  • Take Ownership of Mistakes

    We all make mistakes. Having worked in the communications department at a Fortune 500 organization, I’ve unfortunately had

  • Closely Manage Tough Team Members or Risk Project Failure

    When projects are scheduled and team members are assigned to your team, it’s important that everyone understands your

  • Team Leaders Must Communicate Expectations

    Team leaders, heed this warning: good upfront communication is critically important to successfully integrating a new employee into

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  • Leverage Strengths to Close the Generation Gap In Your Team

    There’s never been a time in history like today where four generations have worked together alongside each other.

  • How to Communicate Across Generations

    In every talk I give at a corporation or conference on intergenerational communication, someone raises their hand and