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    HR technology is growing in maturity and sophistication. These significant trends will drive the HR field in the next year and shed light on where to focus your energies.

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    The HR field is being driven by the proliferation of automation, mobile and cloud-based technologies. 

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    Business success depends on HR and IT understanding one another.

  • Shift Your Mentoring Into Reverse for Greater Benefits

    Mentoring is often seen as a way for a young employee to gain knowledge from an older worker,

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  • Harness Employee Strengths Through Reverse Mentoring

    Mentoring is often seen as a way for a young IT employee to gain knowledge from an older

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    You know those cool perks you offer employees like free food? Well, guess what? Your new employees are

  • Doing Performance Reviews from Scratch

    The mere thought of giving a performance review still makes some managers want to run for the hills,

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      Paternity leave is the time a father takes off work at the birth or adoption of a

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      I’ve never had the experience of working full time for an organization that did employee training particularly

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    I was talking to the CEO of a management consulting firm the other day and was surprised to