Switch from Microsoft Access Drives $120,000 in New Revenue

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Sep 8, 2014
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Based in Valdosta, Georgia, Taylor Insurance Services (TIS) is a family-owned employee benefits and financial services firm with a focus on client service. With more than 85,000 policies to manage - and a modest IT budget - TIS struggled to wrangle its most important data.

The company relied on a Microsoft Access database to run its customer relationship management (CRM) process, but that system was overloaded, crashing constantly. Worse, each modification to the system required costly development work.

After evaluating alternatives like SQL and Salesforce.com, TIS opted to build a customized CRM on Intuit QuickBase. According to CEO Trey Taylor, QuickBase gave TIS the best opportunity to arrive at a solution quickly and maintain the flexibility to change on the fly as business needs change.

“Our system isn’t overly complicated, but there are a few things that we need the solution to do a certain way, otherwise there’s no point in having it at all,” says CEO Trey Taylor.

Because QuickBase is web-based, TIS field agents gained the ability to access policy data and customer information from anywhere on any device, eliminating the need to call the home office to track down the information.

And QuickBase’s scalable architecture made it possible for TIS to store growing amounts of customer data without the need to invest in additional hardware.

With better insight into which products its customers had (and had not) already purchased, TIS was able to drive additional revenues.

“As a benefits company, it’s important that I know which products you’ve bought. If we sell six products and you’ve bought four, now we know which two products we should be offering you,” says Taylor. “The reporting we can do in QuickBase led to $120,000 in additional premiums this quarter.”

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