Solving Real Business Problems without Technical Expertise

Written By: Quickbase
March 26, 2008
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I got an interesting email from one of our Enterprise Customers, Gerawan Farming, that I thought I’d share. Here’s an agriculture company leveraging technology to be more accurate and efficient – and it was “easy with Quickbase.” Feel free to send me stories of ways you’re using Quickbase to create customized SaaS applications for your business.


From: Diego Mendoza & Dan Gerawan

Subject: Scanning Barcodes With Quickbase made easy.

For years we have been stuck with the task of manually writing down information. One of the Major problems is incorrect serial no, part number, misspells or even employee names. With Quickbase we simplified this process. Simply create a Barcode. I use Code 128 because it is a very high-density barcode symbology and used extensively in the product tracking industry. For Barcode creations I use Bartender by Seagull Scientific. Much Like Quickbase, it’s easy to use and you will have professional barcode designs ready in minutes.

We’ve tried numerous barcode scanners in the past and for our tasks we settled with the Wasp USB Model WLR8900. The setup is so easy you will not believe it. Simply Plug it in to an available USB port and let Windows do the rest. It’s that EASY! The Wasp WLR8900 barcode scanner will send Scanned Data to your active on screen Quickbase Application.

Some examples of our use:

Say you want to look up an employee quickly. Simply Scan their employee badge into the lookup field. Or the employee needs to perform a daily audit of a piece of equipment. Simply scan the assigned barcode to the lookup field and it will bring it right up. It’s really that easy.

Written By: Quickbase
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