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Jan 30, 2006
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As some of you know, we fairly regularly make small updates
to the QuickBase service. These are what the software industry generally terms
"patches", i.e., they are small fixes.  At your request, we'll start
updating this blog with information on those patches. Here's the first one... 

Last Friday, along with some performance enhancements, and
minor bug fixes, we threw in an enhancement to the Customize Roles
functionality.  Now, when you select Customize Roles from the Manage Users menu,
you will notice a new tabbed interface, as well as some new options on the User
Interface tab: 

  • We have added
    options for hiding tables from the menu bar and “Add record” elements from your
    QuickBase application on a per role basis.
  • We have given
    application developers the ability to limit users from performing multi-record
    operations such as grid-edit, search and replace and Import.


  • These options do
    not affect the table and record access permissions of the role. If you do want to
    control the user’s access permissions, you will still need to define them
    through the Permissions tab.
  • If a user is
    assigned multiple roles, the above options will
    follow the role order precedence defined in the Reorder Roles screen.

For more
information, please refer to the QuickBase help topics about configuring the
QuickBase interface elements at
and defining role order precedence at

Robert McDonald
QuickBase Product Manager

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