Simplify Control: Refine Data Visibility with Conditional Logic

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Nov 30, 2017
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Simplify Control: Refine Data Visibility with Conditional Logic

Simplify Control: Refine Data Visibility with Conditional Logic


With the new conditional logic capability, Quick Base app builders can easily refine table permissions and segment data in summary fields and table imports. The capability enables complex business logic by combining “and” and “or” logical statements in the same rule. This capability replaces the need for formula checkboxes as a way to set sophisticated conditions and simplifies not only the app building process, but also your application by removing excess fields.  To learn more about this capability, register for our November Release webinar.


To visualize this, let’s explore an example. Keep in mind, that the conditional logic capability works the same in table permissions, summary fields and table imports.


“Or” statements

Let’s say we’re at a high-tech company that uses Quick Base to manage its customers and prospects. In our customer relationship management (CRM) app, sales reps are assigned to territories and have many opportunities. The reps have managers, and those managers oversee regions (consisting of multiple territories). A manager only wants to see their employees’ opportunities.

To accomplish this, we would utilize an “or” statement; If this or this, show the data. Before, we had to create a formula checkbox and use it as a criterion for custom permissions. Now, you can directly create an “or” statement like this one:


Custom Permission Screenshot


Combining “and” and “or” statements

 Now, let’s say we have two sales managers for the same region, but they manage opportunities of different sizes (defined as $ values). In this example, we have a manager of Small Business and a manager of Large Business. We would want to use the same “or” statement above, but also add an “and” statement. We can now do this by combining the two types of statements, “and” and “or” like this:


Advanced permission settings screenshot

This logic will provide access to all opportunities worth greater than or equal to $100,000 dollars (for the Large Business manager) and located in the North West or South West territories.  As you can see, combining “and” and “or” statements in the same rule gives you the ability to easily define more complex business logic.

This powerful capability gives you detailed control over who can see or modify data, and what information is summarized and imported from one table to another. The new capability is another milestone in Quick Base’s dedicated effort to simplify app building and provide greater control over data visibility.


Learn more about this and other new features in the November Release webinar.


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