Simple overlooked feature

Tips & Tricks
Nov 3, 2005
2 Min Read

In working with customers over the past couple of weeks, I've found myself suggesting one feature over and over that I think we often forget about - Append Only.  No, I'm Serious!  The append/prepend is such a cool function that gets overlooked. 

I use append with a text or text multi-line field especially in situation where I want a dialogue between multiple people (think Q&A between team members on a specific task).  The date and person stamp makes the audit trail easy.  But did you know that you could also use an append field with a Multiple Choice field?  Each time a choice is saved, the date and person is again stamped and you get a running history of selections.  I've used this recently with a customer who needed to track the status of tasks with lots of different people touching the records and making changes.  They needed a visible history and the append function worked well. 

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