Simple but Powerful Users

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Apr 11, 2006
2 Min Read

One of the requests we’ve heard from customers recently involves the concept of a “simple-user” with reduced privileges.  The specifics have varied from users that only log in twice a year to daily users with view only access.  The driver behind this request is mainly from customers that are looking to expand their QuickBase use to a larger base but would like to see limited access and a reduced price. (Think of an internal IT request-tracking application rolled out to an entire 4,000 person company.)

While we’re playing around with this concept internally, I wanted to reach out to our customer community to get some more feedback on this type of simple-user.  Is this something you would use, and if so, what are some of the specifics:?

            -What type of application would you see these users on?

            -What type of permissions or restrictions would work for users on this application?

            -What type of pricing would make sense (think value)?

            -How many more users do you think this would open up your use to?

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