September 2016 Release Notes

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Sep 1, 2016
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It's September, and we're celebrating the last few weeks of summer by rolling out another release with an assortment of fixes to improve your QuickBase experience.  Plus, we're unveiling QuickBase webhooks, a new workflow feature geared to developers and other technically adept builders.

Automate workflows with QuickBase webhooks

QuickBase webhooks help streamline workflows by triggering actions in real time across external systems or QuickBase apps when data is added, modified, or deleted in QuickBase.

Webhooks are available for the Premier, Platform, and Unlimited plans.

Note: Webhooks are designed for developers and technically savvy builders. QuickBase support can’t help debug your webhooks, especially when used with third-party apps. That said, you don’t have to be a full-stack developer to create useful webhooks.

Here are just a few examples of what you can accomplish with webhooks:

  • Kick off a Workato workflow
  • Create a Slack notification when a status field changes
  • Initiate QuickBase actions as part of a triggered workflow
  • And so on … we’re sure you’ll find lots of ways to unleash the power of webhooks!

Step 1 -- If you are an Application Manager or have an Admin role, you can create and manage webhooks. To get started, open a table’s SETTINGS page and click the New button in the Webhooks section.


Step 2 -- Create a trigger for the event that you want to fire the webhook. In the example below, the trigger would fire when a new customer is added with a status of “New Lead.” If you’ve used QuickBase notifications before, this screen should look pretty familiar.



Step 3 – Configure the action you want to perform in QuickBase or another third-party application.



For detailed information about configuring webhooks, refer to QuickBase Help in the upcoming release. Just search for “webhooks” in the Index, or look in the “webhooks” section on the Contents tab.

What's fixed in QuickBase?

Here's what we fixed this month.

ID Issue
QBE010703 When creating a connected table, Percent fields in the source data now correctly show as Numeric-Percent fields in QuickBase.
QBE010243 When a user with a role of either "Basic Access" or "Basic Access with Sharing" created a new subscription, and then clicked the Send Test Email button, QuickBase displayed an error message.

This issue has been resolved.

QBE10260 If an embedded chart was displayed on a form and the legend contained a lot of text, the legend was too large in relation to the chart.

This issue has been resolved.

QBE010312 When a user with access to a connected table was in a role with Full Administration access level to an app (but without Edit Field Properties set for that table) clicked the Refresh Data button on the connected table, QuickBase displayed an error message.

This issue has been resolved.

QBE010570 If you created a new field in the data source for a connected table and then attempted to change the connection to add that field to the connected table, the field would not appear in the Connect more fields dialog.  If you refreshed the connected table, or logged out and back in to QuickBase, the field would appear correctly.

This issue has been resolved.

QBE010676 The field Usage tab does not show fields used in report filters after “the value in the field” that have not also been included in the list of report columns.

This issue has been resolved.

QBE010677 Dynamic filters were not working correctly for charts with negative data values and a logarithmic scale on the y axis.

This issue has been resolved.

QBE010686 If you created a connected table with Gmail as the data source, the data refresh sometimes failed with the message:

"Could not parse XML input."

This issue has been resolved.

QBE010702 Accessing the Reports & Charts list from Table Settings may cause QuickBase to behave unexpectedly if an orphaned summary field on a master table uses a drilldown report.

This issue has been resolved.

Do you have an idea for improving QuickBase? Please share your suggestions by clicking the orange feedback tab on the My Apps page, or visiting the Customer Feedback for QuickBase forum (

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