Secure Email from QuickBase

Quick Base News
Jun 27, 2013
2 Min Read

Were you aware that Intuit QuickBase now offers secure email for its Enterprise customers? QuickBase employs Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure outbound emails from QuickBase. It may require your IT department to turn on TLS on your mail servers for the domain.

QuickBase offers three (3) options around TLS:

  1. No TLS - do not use it
  2. Opportunistic TLS - use it if customer has enabled it on their end
  3. Forced TLS - use TLS or do NOT deliver email at all

Intuit QuickBase defaults to option 2 - Opportunistic TLS, i.e., we encrypt emails ONLY if the customer's email servers are TLS-enabled for our domain ( Since this is the default option, there is nothing to be done on the Intuit QuickBase side.

Please contact your account representative for more information.

You can learn more about TLS at

You can also check if your domain is enabled for TLS by using this SMTP TLS Support Checker Tool.

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