Scaling Operations for Human Rights Advocacy with Mike Pasquale

Written By: Nick LaFleur
September 15, 2021
2 min read

What does a Program Quality Improvement team have in common with Star Trek’s Mr. Scott?

Scotty Star Trek

Besides having a certain reputation, business technologists are known for their ability to clear obstacles and improve processes, helping their teams focus on their important work. After all, someone has to keep the engines running while the others aboard the Enterprise explore strange new worlds.

Our recent guest on Age of Agility, Mike Pasquale, does much more than “keep the engines running” in his role as Director of Program Quality Improvement at the Center for Community Alternatives (CCA). The question that’s always on his mind is “how can technology help us make a bigger impact to our communities?”

While COVID-19 threatened to interrupt funding and programs from many nonprofit human services organizations, CCA was able to pivot using no-code technology, demonstrating to founders how they had adapted their programs to continue safely during the pandemic.

With Mike’s help, CCA increased data literacy across their teams and used tech platforms to improve their operations. Through better data collection, tracking, and reporting, their teams are now able to make data-driven decisions to better help more people through CCA’s work.

Learn more about CCA’s mission to invest in community-based services – not incarceration – to keep communities safe and allow them to thrive: https://www.communityalternatives.org

What will you learn in this episode?

  • 1:00: What is CCA’s mission
  • 1:53: What does Program Quality Improvement look like at CCA
  • 5:38: How the pandemic accelerated digital transformation at CCA
  • 10:50: Navigating the organizational challenges of adopting new technology
  • 12:31: How technology helps teams scale their impact and focus on critical work
  • 14:24: How data visibility specifically improves the quality and impact of CCA’s programs
  • 16:25: What the “bottom line” looks like for a nonprofit – identifying mission critical data
  • 17:59: How CCA adapts when there are new programs or requirements to track
  • 19:00: How Mike defines agility 🖖🏻
  • 20:34: How Program Quality Improvement helps clear obstacles for CCA

Mike Pasquale is the Director, Program Quality Improvement and Compliance at Center for Community Alternatives, and a Quickbase customer.

Mike recommends reading Taking Charge of Change by Paul Shoemaker and listening to the Inglorious Treksperts podcast.

Written By: Nick LaFleur

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