Ryan wants unique opportunities in his sales application

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Jul 30, 2009
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I got an email from Ryan who wants to create a unique identifier for each of his sales opportunities.

QuickBase already creates unique identifiers. Sometimes they are called Record IDs and in the case of his application (Sales Force Automation), the counter is a key field named [OpportunityID]. Whichever field name it is, it is counting every time a new opportunity is created. You can use this field or add to it by adding a number to make it larger say… a four digit number or you can add text to it by concatenating the text from some other text field to make this separate new formula text field.

If your want the result to be a number then use a formula numeric field and enter something like "[OpportunityID]+1000".

If you want your result to be mixture of numbers and text like the company name then use a formula text field and add something like this: "ToText([OpportunityID]&""&[Account - Company Name])".

In other words, if the [OpportunityID] is "57" and the [Account - Company Name] field is the company who's name is “5M” the formula text field puts them together so they look something like: "575M".

Here is an brief overview video:

We do things like this in our webinars every day. You are welcome to pop in and we can do it live.


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