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Quickbase Top Rated by TrustRadius for 2022 in Low-Code Platforms

Written By: Matt Lieberson
June 6, 2022
3 min read

At Quickbase, our value comes through seeing the incredible work our customers do with our product. From the City of Paterson, NJ implementing critical public health solutions to Lighthouse Electric finding better ways to plan mega projects, Quickbase customers are making major impacts on their organizations and communities.

That is why Quickbase is honored to once again be Top Rated on TrustRadius – an honor that showcases our dedication to the success of our customers. Quickbase is Top Rated in multiple categories, including low-code development. With this being the sixth year running that Quickbase has been Top Rated in low-code development, it shows just how committed Quickbase is to continuing to improve and modernize the user experience and make it as easy as possible for organizations to manage their complex projects with Quickbase.

Who better to hear from on this honor than our customers themselves? Here is some of what they had to say in their TrustRadius reviews that showcase the value they get out of Quickbase:

Centralize critical information

“Bids are submitted from various clients for hundreds of sites. Instead of passing Excel sheets around, all the data is centralized. All departments involved can input their data. The Project Admin reviews & confirms all data & finally submits [it] back to the client to be awarded/contracted to fulfill the orders of the sites. By digitizing data, we have centralized the data for all departments making it easier to show analytics.”

“Quickbase has allowed my company to have a fully customizable app to replace papers that could not be analyzed effectively or timely. With a few button clicks, Quickbase has turned analyzing data and visualization of the data into something that everyone can see and benefit from.”

Empower your teams across departments

“Quickbase allowed us to create a more user-friendly experience for our end-users while allowing us to create more insights [into] our business operations. The low-code platform is a perfect mix for users of all levels to get exactly what they need out of the Quickbase system.”

  • Katlyn Allen, Junior Software Developer, Jack's Family Restaurants, LP

“We use Quickbase in our organization internally as well as externally. … Quickbase is very well suited where there is a workflow-related scenario where different users can get access to different role based on their position and changes the data accordingly. … We can create the application faster and easier as it doesn't require code for making simple applications. While creating the different applications … our client is happy and still they using for tracking their business performance and KPIs too.

Quickly automate and optimize key processes

“Quickbase is used in several departments. It allowed us to create a unique and efficient way to organize our work and projects. It allowed for a custom-tailored development without needing to involve IT, which was faster and cheaper to the departments. … We were able to build a custom-tailored, complex project management and databank within a couple of weeks versus months with IT support. It has become the cornerstone of all the work we complete.”

  • Jeff Klok, Packaging & Industrial Design Manager, Coca-Cola
Matt Lieberson
Written By: Matt Lieberson

Matt Lieberson is a Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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