QuickBase, Tivo, and Reliability

Quickbase News
May 12, 2005
3 Min Read

Two recent customer comments struck me as concise statements on what we are trying to accomplish with QuickBase. Let's start with the comments:

"There are two things in life I don't worry about... QuickBase and Tivo (R)... neither has ever let me down!"

"Wish our phone system worked as well as QuickBase."

Both are about reliability, but different types. The first is about reliability of the product working in the way a user expects. Tivo is a consumer product… it has to be simple to appeal to the millions of consumers as targets. When was the last time that you heard business software being compared to a consumer product? [Hmmmmm... maybe when Intuit came out with QuickBooks?] This quote validates the focus the team has had on keeping QuickBase as easy as possible. We aren't declaring victory (being easy is hard!), but it is nice to have some feedback that we are on the right path.

The second is about reliability in the sense of actually "being there". As a Web-based, hosted product, we have a higher burden than desktop software to just be there. To be compared favorably to a phone system, arguably one of the most critical systems in business today, also provides positive feedback for the team. This means we are meeting a higher standard than just your typical business software. We are narrowing in on our goal of being as reliable as electricity... you flip the switch and you know we'll be there!


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