Quickbase SDKs Now on GitHub

Written By: Ram Shamanna
May 24, 2013
1 min read

As most of you are aware, Quickbase has maintained its Software Development Kits (SDKs) at Code.Intuit.com for a few years now. These are mostly language-specific wrappers for the Quickbase HTTP APIs. We have SDKs for JAVA, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Visual Basic, C# and Ruby.

There has been an Intuit-wide initiative to move to public code repositories such as GitHub. As part of this initiative, Code.Intuit is being de-commissioned. In addition to being a popular and modern repository, GitHub will offer the Quickbase developer community an ability to contribute updates easily.

Quickbase SDKs are now maintained on GitHub.

It is a public repository and Quickbase does NOT claim ownership or rights. These SDKs will continue to be licensed under the Creative Commons attribution.

I encourage developers to contribute to the repository and make it even richer than it is today.

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Written By: Ram Shamanna
Ram is a Sr. Product Manager at Intuit Quickbase. He tends to ask "why" five times.

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