QuickBase releases new formula, summary and lookup field power with dynamic web forms

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Jun 21, 2009
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If you thought QuickBase was a powerful database before you are really going to be impressed with the addition of formulas, summary and lookup fields to our forms.

This isn't just hiding or showing fields or sections on a form. This is controlling your form with formulas, changes to lookup, summary and reference fields.

This opens up many new possibilities for forms:

Say you have projects and you have a field called [Project Type]. You use that to describe whether it is a Marketing, Sales or Support type of project. Every time you add a task you need a different set of fields to show based on the project type. Before you would have to create a long task form with all the unneeded fields showing. With form rules now sensitive to lookup fields your project type can now control what your task form looks like. It's fast, easy and simple.

How about a better way to keep on top of your project's issues? Say you want to see your issues when they are open but want them to go away when closed. Using a Summary field you can now have them pop up when opened and disappear when closed.

Here's another one, let's say we are working on a task and it is overdue. How about using form rules to pops up an alert screen, switches the priority to high and require a note be entered? You can do that too.

We also enhanced our QuickBase alert functionality. You will notice them in applications and on your My QuickBase page.



"I cannot express how excited we are for the dynamic form rules. First conditional drop downs and now this! Christmas was early this year! Thanks QB Team!"


"This is incredible!!! I am so happy to be able to have more power over my form rules! This will save all those creative workarounds I was used to dreaming up! ...Conditional Drop Downs & Form Rules!!!! Thank you QuickBase!!!"


"Thanks for listening and making it happen. Keep the enhancements coming!!"


Check out the video to see how you can use this new feature and review the release notes https://www.quickbase.com/resources/node/2004 for a complete item listing.

If you have any questions be sure to let us know or pop into any of our 10 free weekly webinars at https://www.quickbase.com/webinars/.

Have a blast!

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