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Simplicity for Construction’s Complexity: Quickbase and Procore’s Community Event

Written By: Matt Lieberson
April 3, 2023
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Leaders from the Procore and Quickbase communities came together in Boston at Quickbase’s offices to connect and reflect on the best ways to align teams and data in construction. Joined by Anthony Chiaradonna, CIO of Consigli Construction, the group shared best practices and methods for conquering this age of collaborative complexity. With Quickbase and Procore's strong relationship and powerful integration, Procore users trying to extend the value of their systems are increasingly seeking out ways to build in tandem with Quickbase.

Here are the key takeaways from the Procore Community event – what challenges organizations are facing, how to better inform and enable people in the field, and a project lifecycle that is cohesive and seamless.

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Different organizations, similar challenges

One major takeaway was the similar nature of everybody’s business challenges, regardless of the organization. Integrating all of your data from across systems,

“What I really found impressive was everybody has the same problem,” said Gene Massi, Director of IT for W.T Rich Company. “It doesn't matter the size of the firm, it doesn't matter where you are in your journey. It seems like we all have the same issue that can be easily solved.”  

Integrating all of your data from across systems, allowing for a seamless process for teams in the field to get clear insights and see unique, project-specific data, and doing so with speed and simplicity is something that organizations across construction are trying to solve for.

“As we all know, we all struggle with program integration, right? Having at least one or two places where you can find all of your information,” said Karellis Rivera, Estimating & Purchasing Coordinator for Commodore Builders about the challenges her organization is facing.

Making data simple

The organizations that are best delivering these complex projects are the ones who are able to harness the power of their data and information. Both Quickbase and Procore are enabling more effective use of information from across the organization, and ultimately making work simpler for those laser-focused on complex work.

“There's huge opportunity for Procore and Quickbase to help our customers, our collective customers in construction do more,” said Sarah Hodges, CMO of Procore. “Both for their external business on a customer side as well as internally to optimize the way that they're working, tracking materials, tracking their submittals, and also connecting their internal data on their CRM and their HR side.” 

With both Quickbase and Procore, centralizing data is top of mind – and central to bridging the gap between business teams, IT, and the people in the field.

“We have iPads in the field, and everything goes into Procore,” said Bryan O’Sullivan, Director of Construction Commercial Division, Wellen Construction about Procore. “It’s a paperless system. Photographs, submittals, RFI’s, everything is there.”

Simplifying the project lifecycle

At Consigli, improving program delivery is top of mind for their large construction portfolio – and figuring out which challenges are the highest-impact makes a huge difference. By focusing on end-to-end project lifecycles, optimizing unique project details, and time-to-value for new solutions, Consigli has built out a central project portal that brings together key capabilities across the entire project ecosystem, from design and bid through closeout.

Now, Consigli has embedded the custom experience they need in Procore, and can capture and share critical project-specific details that were previously siloed across systems. And with the sharing of best practices in the Procore community this week, this approach will create opportunities across construction to better deliver construction projects and better enable people in the field.

Matt Lieberson
Written By: Matt Lieberson

Matt Lieberson is a Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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