QuickBase Partner Spotlights: Trinity Integrated Solutions

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Mar 21, 2017
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Don’t have the exact technical skills, time or knowledge to integrate QuickBase with other systems? Not a problem. We at QuickBase have established partnerships with certified QuickBase Solution Providers (QSP’s) that can help you get to just where you need to be.

QSP’s are independent professional services organizations specialized in developing customized apps for your unique business needs using our platform. They are vetted and trusted by us to work with our customers and have direct access to our sales, care, and product staff.

The Partner Spotlights blog series will highlight a different partner in each post so that you can have a more in-depth knowledge of who our partners are and if they might be a good fit for your project.

This week we kick off our blog series by chatting with Scott Burday, CEO of Trinity Integrated Solutions. This Q&A will hopefully give you a more comprehensive view of one of our trusted partners who has been with us for over twelve years.


Tell us about your company. What industries do you specialize in and what are some of your biggest strengths?

Trinity focuses on helping our clients drive significant improvements in their company.  At our core everything we do is focused on business process improvement.  What is that?  Working with our clients, day in and day out, to achieve step function improvements in productivity, service and quality.  It permeates everything we do.  Only from that can we deliver QuickBase solutions that truly drive change that results in growth and better results.

Along with business process improvement, additional core strengths include application development, systems integration and workflow design.


Tell us about some of the projects you are currently working on that you are most excited about.

Lots of great projects are always underway, here are a few that drive home the notion of business process improvement;

SEVATI Therapeutics is a home health care therapy provider that has tripled their business and improved the overall quality of the delivery of their services with QuickBase.  What used to take weeks is now immediate.  What had to be QC’d every step of the way now has built in quality monitoring.  What was done by a small staff is now still done by a small staff even with the 3x growth that the QuickBase app enabled, driving bottom line results.

PepWear is the national leader in celebrating youth achievements through commemorative merchandise.  With unique mobile stores, they offer themed and personalized merchandise at more than 700 events per year, ranging from national sports tournaments and camps, to virtually all of the major Marching Band and Color Guard competitions in the country, and to more than 30 All-State Music festivals.  This sophisticated production required an elegant solution. Trinity helped create a QuickBase application that manages and tracks every aspect of the business, from planning to execution, and even results analysis. This complex solution has helped position PepWear to continue offering excellent service and results to its customers, while also delivering the scalability needed for future growth.

Ellenhorn is a psychiatric care team that manages all client treatment plans in their QuickBase application.  Integrated with a drag and drop calendar, the application tracks the history of every client to help the Ellenhorn team deliver best-in-class services.

Pathway Genomics performs genetic sequencing and DNA testing.  It is a complicated process where every step must be tracked to ensure accuracy.  Pathway Genomics utilizes Trinity’s unique audit tracking tool to ensure every procedure is followed and recorded for historical purposes.  Previously, this was done on paper, now it’s done in QuickBase and the teams are able to be much more efficient in reporting and oversight of the processes.


What is most unique about your company’s partnership with QuickBase?

We consider Trinity’s approach to business process improvement second to none. We take time to fully understand every aspect of your process and workflow to ensure that our clients make the best decisions possible to drive improvements before we start any development. Our goal is for your company to achieve success with your QuickBase solution long-term.



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