QuickBase Partner Spotlights: Land MVP of the Year - CloudBase Services

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Apr 25, 2017
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QuickBase Partner Spotlights - CloudBase Services


Don’t have the exact technical skills, time or knowledge to integrate QuickBase with other systems? Not a problem. We at QuickBase have established partnerships with certified QuickBase Solution Providers (QSP’s) that can help you get to just where you need to be.

QSP’s are independent professional services organizations specialized in developing customized apps for your unique business needs using our platform. They are vetted and trusted by us to work with our customers and have direct access to our sales, care, and product staff.

The following Q&A with CloudBase Services' CEO Debbie Taylor will give you a more comprehensive view of our Land MVP of the year: CloudBase Services. Congratulations!


What are some of the customer offerings you have delivered to make you QuickBase Land MVP of the Year?

CloudBase Services is a business consulting firm that customizes SaaS software.  Our people, platforms and solutions set us apart. Our California-based team speaks your language and quickly understand the in-the-weeds business issues you face. All solutions are tailor-made to fit your specific problem and budget. Last year, CloudBase Services served clients as large as Pepsi and ATT.  By building quality systems and offering excellent customer service, we "landed" more clients than our talented competitors.

CloudBase Services provide clients with the tools, knowledge and skills to be citizen developers. All CloudBase Services staff still regularly use shared screens and in-person meetings to train clients. In addition, CloudBase creates customized user guides that teach clients how to design, build, add functionality, troubleshoot and manage apps by themselves.

Another differentiator is our "One Week Quick Start” programs, which let people solve a business problem and learn QuickBase in only 5 days. Currently we offer the “One Week One App” and the “One Week One Dashboard” options. Both inspire in customers a new confidence and passion for QuickBase.


Tell us about your most successful projects? What were the results?

The first project that comes to mind was completed with the Northeast Hearing Institute (NHI). Their staff used QuickBase to manage purchases and used non-integrated, antiquated terminals to process credit cards which were cumbersome and were not PCI compliant. The solution we found for them was to integrate QuickBase with an online merchant services provider to create a single, PCI compliant system. The results include: doctors now have a single, easy-to-use system for entering payments by credit card or check have seamless UI, invoices are now always accurate, and account reconciliation is easily done with graphic dashboards. These improvements save the organization 2 person-days per week ($30K annually).

The second one I am thinking about is the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute project. Their Information Services Department had a need for better resource utilization system.  Their standalone time reporting system was being sunset and no resource forecasting was in place.  They needed a system to track hours spent on projects and support and to forecast resource allocations on future assignments. Management did not know if staff were over-committed or underutilized.

CloudBase Services integrated full time reporting and resource allocation functionality into Dana Farber’s QuickBase project portfolio application - enabling staff to track all their time against existing projects and work without duplicate entry. All managers can see their direct reports’ hours, and project managers can see all hours against their projects. Managers can forecast resource allocation a year in advance, enabling more accurate staff utilization. User adoption is high with the creation of numerous shared reports that personalize data. CloudBase implemented the system at 1/3 the cost of alternatives.


Who would be your ideal client, and why?

The ideal client is a company that is interested in creating a simple solution to a complex problem. CloudBase Services enjoys working with business leaders who want to get results.




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