QuickBase Launches No-Code Integration with CSV Files via Box, DropBox, and Google Drive

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Jan 26, 2016
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quickBase no-code integration with csv files via box, dropBox, and google drive

quickBase no-code integration with csv files via box, dropBox, and google driveAnnounced last week, the ability to integrate low-code app development platform QuickBase with CSV files is now available to everyone. QuickBase Sync for CSV empowers business professionals with no coding skills to automatically bring in critical business data from external systems, on premises or in the cloud, via Box, Dropbox and Google Drive. Once the data is in QuickBase, you can get new insights to drive better decisions and streamline processes to get more done.  Your teams save time previously wasted in data entry, copy and paste or manual import so they can work on what matters most.

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True to the classic QuickBase ease of use, QuickBase Sync for CSV lets professionals connect with CSV files placed in cloud storage with just clicks and drag and drop to select data fields. Filter on any field to get just the data you need and schedule automated updates on a weekly, daily or hourly basis. Bringing business critical data into QuickBase means immediate and secure data access for the teams that need it the most. So they can create consolidated reports for immediate visibility across departments and put the data to work in workflows managed in QuickBase.

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Reflecting the growing importance of integration in the increasingly digital organization,  our vision is to empower business professionals, IT developers and system integrators with a broad spectrum of integration technologies so they can solve a wide range of business problems at any level of coding skill. Our goal is to enable organizations to rapidly build ecosystems of connected apps approved by IT and to foster collaboration between business and IT to deliver better solutions faster. As the next step on this journey, QuickBase Sync for CSV extends the reach of business professionals to a much broader set of critical data and business systems utilizing one of the most common file formats, CSV.

A number of customers have already used QuickBase Sync for CSV as part of the Early Access program and are sharing that the capability has opened up a world of opportunity to solve new business problems by leveraging data previously locked up in hard-to-reach systems.

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“By connecting to data from our systems of record via QuickBase Sync for CSV, we eliminated the time spent previously cobbling data together and opened up new possibilities to streamline our business operations,” says Michael Wacht, Vice President, Operations, Helm Incorporated. “With QuickBase we are able to automatically trigger alerts that go directly to our sales teams and cut down on the number of steps required to act on a past due invoice. QuickBase has built a bridge between our citizen developers and our IT department and we expect a profound effect on our cash flow and productivity. Our order-to-cash cycle will be sped up by at least two weeks and our accounting team will save about 300 hours a year.”

QuickBase Sync for CSV is the second release for the QuickBase Sync portfolio. The original offering, QuickBase Sync for Cloud Apps, integrates QuickBase with popular cloud applications Salesforce.com, NetSuite, Zendesk, QuickBooks, Intacct, Zuora, and Bill.com. QuickBase Sync for CSV extends the reach of the popular no-code integration capability across new data sources and files types.

Availability and Webinar

QuickBase Sync for CSV is available at no extra cost to all customers with a Premier, Platform or Unlimited subscription to QuickBase. For more information on unlocking critical business data with QuickBase Sync for CSV, please join the product webinar on Tuesday, February 16th at 2:00pm ET. Register now.

You can explore no-code integration and a wealth of other topics at QuickBase’s second annual user conference, EMPOWER 2016, which takes place May 10-13 in Nashville, Tenn. For more information visit: http://empower2016.com/.

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