QuickBase Is Used to Solve All Kinds of Problems

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Apr 28, 2011
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One of the exciting things about working at QuickBase is seeing all the different ways that our customers use our product. And trust me, there are some unique use cases out there!

We recently told you about results from our annual customer survey, and one of the questions we asked on that survey was about the types of business processes that you enable with QuickBase. We learned that on average our customers use us for over 4 different types of applications! Here’s a visual summary of some of the most popular uses:

What’s really fascinating to us is the infinite number of unique ways people use QuickBase underneath  these high-level headings. For example:

The list could go on and on! For detailed examples, check out the Customer Stories section of the blog, or on our Customers page on the QuickBase website.

You probably noticed that not only are there tons of different applications, but we’ve also got companies using QuickBase to solve these problems across an incredibly wide variety of industries – from healthcare to high-tech, from construction to consulting, to retail, financial services, non-profit, and beyond. We see that as the beauty of QuickBase: no matter what your process, you can customize an application to suit your specific needs. If you're not already a customer, check out our 30-day free trial offer! We're sure you'll be able to create an app to solve your challenge.

We’d love to hear about the unique ways that you use QuickBase to be more productive in your business. Drop a comment (in the sharing bar to the left)!


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