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Customer Reviews Award Quickbase Top Honors on G2 and TrustRadius

Written By: Matt Lieberson
February 14, 2023
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We have continued to see more and more fragmentation in business software. People are seeing their work and their teams be more disconnected than ever, and have more trouble with siloes and disparate systems and information. Our recent fragmentation study found that almost 94% of respondents are at either medium or high risk of fragmentation, and more than 53% of respondents are held up by fragmented data, communication, and workflows at least once a week. To reduce this fragmentation, organizations need to both unite their data and information and have software tools they can trust will fit in across a cohesive tech stack.

Key to that process is finding tools that you can trust to unite your processes and get all of that work done effectively. That is why we are so excited for Quickbase’s number of recent accolades based on our customers’ feedback and reviews from trusted review services:

  • Quickbase is listed on G2’s Best Software list in both the Project Development category (#11) and the Project Management category (#17). Quickbase also was a leader in multiple categories, including Workplace Innovation Platforms, Project Management, Application Development Platforms, Low-Code Development Platforms, and No-Code Development Platforms.
  • Quickbase was also named one of TrustRadius’s Most Loved softwares of 2023, which evaluates how often the word “love” is mentioned in the total number of reviews of the product – showcasing how many raving fans we truly have!
  • Lastly, Quickbase was a Winter Best of 2023 honoree from TrustRadius, which honors those who are strongest in Best Value, Best Feature Set, and Best Relationship. Quickbase was recognized for all three!

As you look to develop and manage your most complex projects, knowing you have a trusted partner to help you see, connect, and control all of your key information and systems is a major leg up. So don’t take it from us, take it from what our customers had to say:

  • "The beauty of Quickbase is that you can build applications that match your own skill set. Without any "technical" skills you can customize and implement an application from the library of hundreds of template applications. If you have the expertise to develop applications you can put them to good use as Quickbase allows for you to build the applications as you want them."
  • "[Quickbase] is a great tool for keeping track of many moving parts. Quickbase allows to share and update data among groups of people in an organized way. … Pipelines provide the flexibility to integrate with many systems will be an added advantage."
  • "In this industry it can be hard to find ways to organize data in a way that is quick and easy to find. Quickbase is very easy to use and straightforward. It is also very user friendly, and allows cross-functional collaboration between different teams doing different work. It makes it easy for me and my colleagues to keep track of data and work together in an organized way."
  • "[Quickbase] has helped immensely in keeping all our data in one place for easy analysis instead of in several spreadsheets across multiple personnel. … We have been able to move resource requests, business management functions, process tracking, project management and administrative workflows solely into Quickbase, and, when needed, can pull data in from other applications so as not to duplicate data entry."
Matt Lieberson
Written By: Matt Lieberson

Matt Lieberson is a Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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