QuickBase Customers: Check Your Inbox and Let’s Hear Your Voice!

Here at QuickBase we’re really excited because in just a few short weeks, we are going to have all kinds of amazing new feedback from our most important team members – YOU! Check your inboxes because this coming Monday (1.24.11) we’re launching an annual customer survey where we ask you about what you care about most, so we can learn how we can do better. We’re gearing up to pour over your feedback and use it to drive decisions throughout our organization – from product development to customer support to communications.

We do this survey every year because it’s important to us to understand how we’ve improved (or haven’t) in ways that are meaningful to our customers. Here are the types of questions you can expect:

  • We ask you who you are, because that helps us tailor our offerings to your needs.
  • We ask about your experience with various aspects of the QuickBase product, because that helps us hone in on where we need to focus our development efforts.
  • And we ask about a variety of other factors that you’ve told us are important to you, because we’re measuring ourselves by how well we are serving you.

So, if you see “QuickBase Wants to Hear from You” in your email inbox, please take a few minutes and give us your thoughts! And if you aren’t one of the randomly selected customers who receive the survey invite, we’d love to hear your feedback here on the blog, today or any day.

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  • Marion

    This past Friday I called for help to install the 2011 QB and Madhulikaagarwal helped me in the process.  She was my lifeline and stayed with me the entire time.  She did not let me down and I think I would have had a very difficult time if she did not stay on the line with me.  I have never gone through this process before and the person responsible for doing this each year was not in the office.  I really appreciate the time she spent with me and wanted to fill out the survey which was supposed to be emailed to me, however, I never received it.  Just wanted to thank her for her support.


    • Marion — We’re so happy to hear that you had such a great experience with Intuit’s customer service! Thanks for letting us know. 

      Were you working with Madhulikaagarwal to install QuickBooks? I ask because this is the blog for QuickBase and the QuickBooks folks might miss your wonderful comment here! You may want to re-post your comment to the QuickBooks blog: http://blog.intuit.com/Again, thank you so much for your feedback!^Alex

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