QuickBase Community - What would you use?

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Jan 21, 2009
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We are working to bring an enhanced community site to our customers, partners, and prospects. As such I thought I would ask the community (that's you!) what sorts of things would be interesting to you, and what he would be looking for in an online community about all things QuickBase.

Our existing community forum is primarily being used by the technical developers to deliver tips on how to build applications. While that's great, and we certainly want to encourage more of that over time, we also want to start engaging the less technical users and creating connections between our customers. What do you think you might have in common with other QuickBase customers?

For example, how about a community of people who are managing projects? Would you be interested in discussing project management tips and tricks with other QuickBase users? What about pointers on getting started with QuickBase, or how to roll out QuickBase to your business team? Would you be interested in reading about this? Would you contribute your knowledge to other QuickBase users?

What about helping maintain and comment on our help and knowledge base articles? Would that be useful to you?

Do you have examples of other websites that do this well? Other companies we should be emulating?

If you have any feedback, please comment below. Additionally if you would like to have a longer conversation, please drop me a line at phil_gross (at) intuit.com

Thanks for your input.

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