QuickBase Charting and Reporting Improvements

Quick Base News
Jun 18, 2013
3 Min Read

Our update of QuickBase in May included improvements to charting and reporting. These changes will help you view and manage your data more efficiently. An overview of these changes are below, including a 3 minute video for further details.

Dynamic Filtering of Data in Tables & Charts

Now you can find the data you need faster using dynamic filters available on charts, table, summary, and timeline reports in QuickBase. Or you can set your own filters.

Create and Share Polished Reports

Reports and charts in QuickBase now look modern and polished. You can even hover over individual pieces of the chart to view a quick summary of the data.


NEW Menu Buttons Added to Global Bar

  • + New = the ability to add records to any table with one click. Easily add new records from anywhere within the app.
  • Favorites = quick access to your favorite reports. Now it's easier to find the reports that you use most - just add them as favorites. All your favorite reports for an app will be saved and easily accessible using the Favorites dropdown on the page bar.
  • Search = The Search button always gave you the ability to search within your entire app -- now you can also limit that search to the current table.

Watch this 3 minute video to check out all the updated reporting features from the latest QuickBase release.

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