QuickBase Boston Customer Event 2014 - Meet the Trainers

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Nov 12, 2014
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On November 19th, Intuit QuickBase is hosting a user training event in Boston. The training offers two tracks created for our beginner and advanced users. The day also provides a great opportunity for our customers to network with local users and the QuickBase team.

While this event is sold out, we will be offering future training events around the country, so be sure to get on our Event Mailing List to receive first access.

Meet some of our QuickBase instructors for this event that we'll cover live on Twitter using hashtag #QuickBaseBOS:

Benjamin Buday, Sales Engineer

Training Session: Diagramming Your New QuickBase App

What I’ll be covering:  All good apps start with good planning. By learning to create visual diagrams for new app ideas, you’ll cut down on app-building time, create more efficient and delightful apps, and will learn faster how to implement your ideas in QuickBase.

My favorite thing about QuickBase:  That you can do anything with it. I use it to manage my band, and I just used it to plan a successful journey through Iceland, as you can see in my photo!


Marykate Gass: Sales Engineer

Training Session: Customizing Forms and Dashboards

What I'll be covering: How to create and customize awesome app home pages and forms first hand!

My favorite thing about QuickBase: All the different options and tools it gives people to build their own solution. As a Sales Engineer, I get the chance to see many of our customers’ applications. I enjoy seeing how people choose to leverage the QuickBase features to solve their problems. Some apps are elegant while others are eccentric but all apps are ultimately addressing a problem. It is always impressive to me to see how customers, with very similar problems, choose very different solutions. There are so many ways to use QuickBase!


Kirk Trachy, Enterprise Sales Engineer

Training Session: Cross App Relationships and Table to Table Imports

What I’ll be covering: In this session we will discuss how to move data between applications and tables. This is more than a standard table to table relationship, we will explore the tables connected to tables of other applications. Join us while we work with these options in “live” QuickBase.

My favorite thing about QuickBase: QuickBase is the most fun you can have. Every day there is a new customer idea and need. Customer’s ask questions and we collaborate on possible solutions. “Fun-fun-fun!" I am fond of saying, “If you can say it, you can do it.”


Marsha Jacobs: Sales Engineer

Training Session: Core Features: Reports and Roles

What I’ll be covering: This session will show how to create many different types of Reports and how to manage Roles and permissions. I’ll being highlighting how you can segment and present your data in a meaningful way to many different users of your system.

My favorite things about QuickBase: How customizable it is!



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