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Quickbase’s Customer Service Department Named Bronze Winner of American Business Awards

Written By: Julie Fancher
May 28, 2020
3 min read

We are proud to share that Quickbase has been named a bronze winner of the American Business Awards (Stevie Awards) for Customer Service Department of the Year.

This distinguished recognition comes after a year of customer focused work here at Quickbase and a focus on our orientation program. In the spring of 2019, we expanded our customer support efforts and our hard work paid off. Our revamped orientation program provides the support that customers need to accelerate their success with our platform.

As a result of our new methodology and larger Customer Care team, we now analyze customer trouble issues and determine their root problems faster without wasting valuable customer time. We have seen a 37% increase in our customers’ monthly recurring revenue. And for us, the best award we could receive is the ability help our clients grow and to accelerate their success.

Making Application Building Accessible

For years, our low-code platform has helped businesses respond to new market opportunities through the development of safe and secure applications. But for citizen developers who have never built an application before, this can seem like a daunting task.

To better serve our users, we revamped our orientation program to empower our customers to create their own app in under 75 days. The results were impressive and surpassed our own expectations. Customers who completed their orientation in 2019 added nearly 2.5 times as many users and created their first app in just 57 days on average.


Solving Problems Efficiently

As a pioneer of the industry, our Care team also implements leading solutions to deliver the best service to our customers. We created an innovative online portal that allows us to resolve user requests in less than two hours. What customers love most is that their issues are often resolved after the initial response. The team is better able to determine a resolution without wasting the customer’s time and this creates a better relationship with our users.

In addition to that, we extended our standard customer support services by two hours during the week. We opened a second office in Salt Lake City and are now also able to offer 24/7 US-based support as an add-on feature for those customers whose mission relies on the use of their applications globally.

Tailoring Customer Care Plans

Especially developed for clients who needed more hands-on support beyond orientation, we created an offering that assigns a member of our support team to accelerate customer success. By working side by side, customers and their Quickbase team build apps together in under 60 days. This has provided a superior experience and greater engagement for our customers.

In order to deliver this more intimate and tailored service, we tripled the size of our orientation team. Thanks to our investment in team and individual development, we can ensure superior customer and a better employee experience. We have gained an even deeper understanding of customer challenges and achieved a 242% active user growth in the first six months after signing.

The changes implemented in 2019 have been key to the Quickbase customer support expansion and the accelerated success of our users. In recognition of these transformative changes, American Business Awards judges pointed to our work as “tremendous efforts backed by solid KPIs.” This has made us worthy of their bronze Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year.

While we celebrate judge acknowledgements and feel honored by their acclaim to our “impressive work,” the biggest accolade is the success that we help our customers experience.

Written By: Julie Fancher

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