Quick Base Partner Spotlights: Services MVP of the Year - VARC Solutions 

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Jun 13, 2017
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Don’t have the exact technical skills, time or knowledge to develop, update, or integrate your Quick Base application?  Not a problem. We at Quick Base have established partnerships with certified Quick Base Solution Providers (QSP’s) that can help you get to just where you need to be.

QSP’s are independent professional services organizations specialized in developing customized apps for your unique business needs using our platform. They are vetted and trusted by us to work with our customers and have direct access to our sales, care, and product staff.

The following Q&A with William LeVeck, Sales and Marketing Specialist at VARC Solutions will give you a more comprehensive view of VARC and share what they've done to become our Services MVP of the year. Congratulations to the VARC team!


 What are some of the customer offerings you have delivered to make you Quick Base Services MVP of the Year?

What sets VARC apart from other partners and what helped us receive this award is that we really do a deep dive into our client’s organization and the processes they have in place. We question those processes and ask why they are doing what they are doing.

A lot of clients also ask for system integrations. Rather than integrating a system, we see what the system does for the business. Majority of the time we can develop the same functionality in Quick Base, make it more efficient for use, and have add additional features that the other system was not capable of.

Here are some of the most successful offerings we have:

  1. The Q2QConnect tool has been our client’s favorite tool by far. Q2QConnect bridges Quick Base with QuickBooks Desktop allowing for a seamless business process.
  2. Custom barcode systems for inventory/asset management and/or employee management: The possibilities for the use of this tool is limitless. We have had clients track their inventory, consumables, and equipment/supply usage.
  3. Custom Mobile Applications to have our customer’s business easily accessible on the go. Within the mobile apps we’ve done time tracking, GPS locating, project site management, and various other processes.
  4. TSheets integration that allows for time approvals within Quick Base and has custom reporting that you wouldn’t normally be able to get. It also allows for time to be placed against projects so that you can track your progress in real time.


Tell us about your most successful projects. What were the results?

Absolute Drywall Service, located in Pearland, Texas, is a fast-growing drywall installation company that primarily partners with national residential homebuilders in Texas. They had challenges with real time tracking of field employees, project management, and language barrier. VARC Solutions developed a mobile app that allows field technicians to easily enter data while on site via a custom mobile interface and that data is reported back to Quick Base. This mobile app was created in both English and Spanish and translates the information when transferred from the mobile app to Quick Base. Since deploying Absolute Mobile, management has significantly reduced the number of hand-written timesheets. With less paperwork to track and verify, management can focus more energy on other areas of the business. As a bonus, GPS coordinates are attached to each timesheet, so managers can verify employees are at the assigned work locations. Since its implementation, Absolute Mobile has improved the client’s productivity and reduced their carbon footprint.

AVMAC was founded in 2009 by two former Naval Aviation Maintenance Officers. They focus on aviation and aviation shipboard related government contracts that currently support various customers in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, and the Maritime Administration (U.S. Department of Transportation). AVMAC needed a tailored timekeeping solution, systems integration with QuickBooks. They also had needs for an electronic system to send contracts and a proper Human Resource Management System that was customized to their business and industry. VARC Solutions created an electronic hiring process that allows for remote interviews and hiring, developed applicant tracking system to easily track the details of an applicant and track where they are in the process, designed on-boarding system that makes all paperwork electronic, and bridged Quick Base with QuickBooks using the Q2QConnect tool. Their system now allows them to centrally hire from Virginia all through the hiring portal. They do everything electronically now and sign via DocuSign. They went from thinking about buying more filing cabinets to having lots of extra filing cabinet space.


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