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Launching New Enterprise Capabilities to Enable Immediate Front-line Impact to Digital Transformation Initiatives

Written By: Ankit Shah
February 28, 2018
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Yesterday, we announced several new platform capabilities and customer success offerings that help enterprise IT make it easier to adopt and deploy Quickbase more broadly within their organization, empowering business builders to address their increasing application needs. This is an exciting milestone for our customers and us as we continue to deliver high-value enterprise-grade capabilities on a platform trusted and embraced by IT that enables an immediate front-line impact to their enterprise digital transformation.

Changing the Way IT & Business Work Together

There’s a growing demand on enterprise IT to quickly deliver innovative solutions to improve business efficiencies. An increasing shortage of highly skilled technical resources has also put tremendous pressure on IT struggling to balance business needs against an under-resourced staff, leading to an overwhelming IT backlog. Also, a new generation of workforce that grew up in the digital age is expecting IT to have the tools in place to help them be more efficient. This high demand from business, coupled with thinly spread IT-resources has led to the procurement of unsanctioned rogue tools creating a risky Shadow IT environment. IT’s desire to partner more deeply with the business on core day to day operational challenges also requires additional oversight and visibility.

Organizations that are empowering these technically-savvy workers (citizen developers) are positioning themselves for a distinct competitive advantage. According to a survey conducted by Gartner, “73% of respondents said the budget for citizen development originates from the business (and not from IT). Despite the lack of budgetary control, IT still needs to inject itself into the conversation to help ensure proper evaluation, implementation, security, and governance.”* Quickbase has been at the forefront in playing a critical role in empowering problem-solvers closest to their work from diverse business functions, regardless of their technical skills to actively participate in transforming their organization while giving IT leaders the control and visibility they need.

New Governance Capabilities

At our core, we’ve always been a business-first platform, delivering tools that our customers need to address their unique challenges quickly. However, as we continue to see IT departments in enterprise organizations adopt Quickbase, they are looking to enable business with a no-code platform which provides appropriate levels of platform management, control, and visibility of their users and apps.

To provide these improved governance capabilities enterprise IT needs for administration & compliance, we announced 3 new platform management features:

  • Audit Logs to gain greater visibility into how users access their apps and the types of changes that are made to data and structure within those apps to ensure they comply with their organization’s security standards & corporate compliance policies. This feature will be available in phases starting with audit logs for platform logins after the March release.
  • User Management Console to help streamline management of large Quickbase deployments, and gain greater transparency into user information from a single panel, making it easier and quicker to administer users.
  • Super User Role to provide greater access, visibility, and control over all Quickbase apps and ensure data within those apps comply with their corporate IT policies.

These features will help customers comply with their internal policies as we begin to expand on additional governance capabilities throughout this year.

New Customer Success Offerings

To enable enterprise customers to realize tremendous value they can drive within their business by using Quickbase as a platform to solve their many challenges, we also announced an advisory offering called Solution Value Assessment.

To enable enterprise customers with the resources they need to advance their app development strategy that delivers tremendous value to their businesses, they already have access to a centralized Customer Success program that includes customer success managers, orientation specialists, customer support, partner services, and customer training offerings as part of Quickbase University.

To further empower these app builders to build purpose-built apps without relying on traditional IT resources that are based on best-practices, we also announced several new training offerings as part of Quickbase University, which already includes other training resources and recently announced certification program.

  • Best Practices Training Courses to guide app builders in planning, designing, and deploying successful and scalable Quickbase apps.
  • Account Admin Qualification Badge to validate and recognize an account admin’s knowledge on how to successfully administer the platform based on our account admin training courses.
  • User Qualification Badge to validate and recognize a user’s knowledge of basic Quickbase features and build their first app based on our orientation courses.

These new offerings will help support our enterprise customers’ needs to plan and deploy our platform more strategically within their organization.

Enabling Immediate Front Line Impact

With yesterday’s announcement, we’re well-positioned to provide the agility enterprises need to build and manage applications across the organization by increasing their business process efficiency and automation while improving speed & reducing the cost of app development and maintenance. With over 6,000 customers, we continue to be the platform of choice for organizations that want to drive real results fast.

*Gartner Survey Analysis: Citizen Development is Happening and IT Needs To Be More Engaged (Published: September 28th, 2017), Jason Wong.

Written By: Ankit Shah
Ankit is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Quickbase where he focuses on helping customers collaborate between their IT and Business to drive innovation & digital transformation within their organization. Ankit’s alma mater is Georgia Institute of Technology where he earned a degree in Computer Engineering.